Skribble builds trust in the digital world

Once upon a time there was the hand-written signature –
today we sign with Skribble.

The typewriter became Microsoft Word, the CD turned into Spotify, the DVD became Netflix.

A dusty typewriter, over it the logos of netflix, spotify and word

Digitalisation makes many things faster, cheaper and simpler. This also applies to 90 percent of day to day business processes.

The remaining ten percent require a high degree of trust, for example signing employment contracts. Many companies still rely on established analogue processes for this. Because making their digital equivalent compliant with all legal requirements requires an enormous additional expenditure. At least up to now.

Skribble wants to change this:

A woman flies with an outstretched arm through a paper cloud

Agreements should no longer have to take a detour via printer and paper in order to be legally signed:

Skribble is a one-stop shop for electronic signatures that makes signature processes 100% digital. Skribble provides the legally suitable electronic signature for every type of contract – even if the law requires the same legal weight as a handwritten signature.

Security does not come at the expense of simplicity: every company, regardless of size and technological experience, should be able to benefit from the advantages of digital transformation. This is why Skribble can be used securely even without any IT knowledge.

And that’s just the beginning:

Building trust in digital business relationships should be as simple and
intuitive as shaking hands. Since its founding in 2018, a growing team of
trust shapers has been working towards this future at Skribble.

Sign legally valid with
a few clicks

Worldwide usage, hosted in Switzerland.

You can test Skribble for free.
No credit card needed.
Available in English, German and French.