for electronic signing

It is necessary that each signature can be attributed to a single person.
Therefore, Skribble requires the identification of the signatories.
The procedures differ depending on the type of contract.

The identity of a woman standing in a mobile phone is checked by two people.

Contracts without written form

The simple electronic signature (SES) or the advanced electronic signature (AES) are typically used for contracts without formal requirements. The identification requirements for SES and AES are low to medium.

A woman sits on a contract, a man looks out from behind the contract.

Identification options for contracts without written form:

E-mail address
Two people in a bubble with e-mails

In the case of the simple electronic signature (SES), the signatories are identified by their e-mail address. Anyone who has a Skribble account or is invited to sign by e-mail can sign with SES without any further measures.

Company e-mail address
EA software window with a man and a woman in a bubble.

Companies that record the identity of their employees by default can activate AES via the company e-mail address (AES for Business). Anyone with a corresponding e-mail address can sign with AES immediately.

Mobile number (CH)
A mobile phone protrudes from the houses.

Swiss telecom providers are obliged to record the ID or passport of their customers before signing a contract. Anyone registering on Skribble with a Swiss mobile phone number can sign immediately with AES.

A house as an organization and an arrow.

AES for Business
Organisation-wide implementation within just a few days.

A hand with a fountain pen signs a green contract.

When to use which e-signature standard.

Contracts requiring the written form

For contracts requiring the written form, the qualified electronic signature (QES) is typically used. The identification requirements for the QES are high, the identification must be done face-to-face or online via video.

Eine Frau mit einem Handy blickt hinter einem Vertrag hervor und davor steht ein Geschäftsmann mit einem Laptop.

Identification options for the qualified electronic signature (QES):

Identification Unlimited
A woman and a man are standing in front of a large software window and the man is holding a big hatch with an identity card inside.

A representative of your company goes through a one-time training. Afterwards he can identify the signatories himself face-to-face. Suitable for companies with a large number of QES signatories.

Contact Skribble
Identification Direct
A man is sitting in front of a laptop, above him is a sotware window, where a woman stands out with a big magnifying glass and checks an identity card.

The signatories enable the QES by having themselves identified via video call or online banking (EU) or face-to-face at an identification site (Switzerland). Suitable for individuals and companies with a small number of QES signatories.

Enable QES now

Electronic identity (eID)

Anyone with an eID can log in directly to Skribble and sign immediately without further identification. Depending on the level of assurance of the respective eID, the advanced (AES) and/or qualified electronic signature (QES) is activated straight away. Certain eIDs may require an additional identity check for signing with QES. 

A growing number of people in Europe have a verified electronic identity (eID). By integrating different eID providers, Skribble gives millions of people instant access to digital signatures.

All identification options at a glance.

"The investment in Skribble is the perfect complement to our engagement with SwissID. Both solutions multiply their added value through integration. An ideal symbiosis and prime example of cooperation in the Swiss technology ecosystem."
Thomas Kühne, Head of IT at the Group Mobiliar


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