AES for Business: Organisation-wide implementation within just a few days

Enable your entire staff to sign with the advanced electronic signature.

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AES for Business - Organisation-wide
implementation with a few clicks

Company e-mail address as identification element

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With AES for Business, your company domain (e.g.
enables signing. Anyone who registers with Skribble using an e-mail address
from your organisation (e.g. and is a member
of your Business account can sign with AES without any further action.

One-time registration

A browser with a fulfilled checklist and a business administrator who is happy that his staff can now sign.

You can register for AES for Business directly in your Skribble Business account. We will need the following information from you:

  • Domain which should enable signing with AES (e.g.
  • Trade register number of your organisation
  • Name and e-mail address of an internal contact person

If we can verify the information, AES for Business will be activated and ready for use within 1 to 2 weeks.

AES: Widely applicable signature standard

Simple electronic signature
Advanced electronic signature
Qualified electronic signature
Equal to a handwritten signature according to Swiss and EU law

The law distinguishes between qualified electronic signatures (QES) and advanced electronic signatures (AES). The two standards vary in terms of area of application and legal weight. The advanced electronic signature (AES) is legally valid for contracts where the law does not prescribe a specific form. This applies to most types of contracts, such as rental, purchase or mortgage agreements.

Self-explanatory for employees

a browser with two people who can sign immediately.

Skribble’s signing platform is designed so that new employees can get started without the need for explanation. Signing can be done via a browser from any device online at Alternatively, you can connect Skribble to your existing systems (via API). This allows employees to sign directly from your usual software.

AES for Business

The most important questions & answers

Identification for the QES. Let us advise you and find the right identification solution for your company.

No. The company e-mail address serves as a means of identification. Any person in your Business account with such an address can sign with AES. The prerequisite is that your organisation has checked the passport or identity card of the employees once (e.g. during the hiring process).

AES for Business can be used globally.

The advanced electronic signature (AES) is legally valid for all contracts for which the law does not prescribe a specific form, such as rental, purchase or mortgage agreements.

Yes, the persons who are to sign at QES level go through an additional identification process. More information is available at

This is generally possible with an additional check required during registration. Contact us for an individual evaluation.

The signature certificates on which Skribble’s AES for Business is based are from GMO GlobalSign, Ltd, a European Certification Authority and Identity Management Company.

Yes, this offer is exclusively available to Skribble Business customers.

No. AES can also be activated using a Swiss mobile phone number. This second solution is independent of AES for Business and is based on a collaboration with Swisscom.

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Sign now, legally and electronically!

No credit card, entrance fee or commitment required.

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