Identity verification for QES

For signing with the highest e-signature standard (QES),
signatories must have their identity checked. This is done via e-ID
or with our identification service.

he identity of a woman standing in a mobile phone is verified by two people


Identity verification for QES –
Skribble makes it easy

Use your existing e-ID

Persons who have a verified e-ID can sign with QES on Skribble
without additional identity verification.

An electronic legally binding identity card

A growing number of people in Europe have a verified electronic identity (e-ID). Skribble links them all so that millions of users can start signing with QES immediately.

Individuals who log in with an e-ID automatically activate QES.

E-ID, where you can sign Skribble soon.
More e-IDs will follow this year.


Identification for the QES. Let us advise you and find the right identification solution for your company.

Identification with Skribble
Let us advise you and find the right identification solution for your company.

"Since there is as yet no standard e-ID in Switzerland, the interoperability of digital identities is essential in order to minimise the risk of investment ruins."
e-foresight Think Tank

Get identified

If you do not have an e-ID, Skribble can identify you within minutes.

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Identification Easy

We identify the signatories.

Suitable if you use QES in a predefined circle of people.

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Identification Unlimited

You identify the signatories.

Suitable if new signees are constantly being added.

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