Identity verification for QES –
Skribble makes it easy

The qualified electronic signature (QES) requires the signing party to verify his or her identity. Skribble offers suitable means of identification for every business context.

You can find all details about the identity check for QES with Skribble here in our factsheet.

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A growing number of people in Europe holds a verified electronic identity (E-ID). Skribble can be linked with all relevant E-IDs. Thus, millions of users can sign in a qualified manner without additional identity verification.

For you as a company, this means, on the one hand, that you do not have to worry about the identification of these people. On the other hand, you are always on the safe side, no matter which E-ID prevails among your users.

For more information about how to connect E-IDs to Skribble, please schedule a phone call with us.

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Identification Unlimited
You identify the signing party

Suitable if new signees are constantly being added.

With the ID app by Swisscom, you independently verify and record the identity data of the signing parties during personal contact. This allows you to enable people to sign in a qualified manner indefinitely and flexibly.

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Identification Easy
We identify the signing party

Suitable if you use QES in a predefined circle of people.

We will come by and identify these people on site. This way, you are quickly and easily ready to use QES and don’t have to worry about identification.

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Skribble can easily be used outside the company context. If you do not yet have an E-ID, we will be happy to identify you at Bahnhofstrasse 3 in Zurich. It only takes a few minutes.

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This is how identification
with the ID app of Swisscom works

Step 1
The user’s ID card is scanned and checked with Swisscom’s ID app.

Step 2
Swisscom verifies the data and stores it securely.

Step 3
In Skribble, the status of the user is directly changed to “ready to sign”
in the profile.

Step 4
The user can now use Skribble to sign electronically in a qualified manner.

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