Pricing and plans

Skribble enables you to sign contracts in a few seconds –
legally valid worldwide and secured in accordance with the highest data protection standards in Switzerland.

Fair Flat

For individual users
who value efficient work.



2 signatures a month are free, then 2.40 for QES; 1.90 for AES; 1.10 for SES.

Monthly maximum: EUR 29

If you invite others to sign, their signatures will be charged extra to your monthly maximum.

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  • Ready for immediate use on your smartphone and computer
  • Sign anywhere without a USB stick or smart card
  • Invite others to sign by e-mail
  • Sign multiple documents at once


For small companies and teams that want to get started right away.

EUR / month*
(yearly billing)


*with yearly billing (EUR 948/ year).
EUR 90/ month if billed monthly.

Unlimited number of members

Included signatures: 600/year or 50/month (also during the trial). Extra signatures: EUR 1.10 (SES), EUR 1.60 (AES), EUR 2.40 (QES).

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  • Ready for company-wide use in a few days
  • Central administration and membership management
  • External parties can sign without having a Skribble account
  • Sign directly via the browser or integrate Skribble via API with the systems you already use


For large companies with high requirements for service & flexibility.


Together we'll make sure that the transition to e-signature is smooth.

Quotation on request

No matter what, where and who you sign with – we've got you covered with all the components needed for smooth and secure e-signing.

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  • Personal Account Executive and Priority Support
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA) with a high availability guarantee
  • Simple access for all employees via single sign-on (SSO)
  • Advanced branding and customisation options

You are in good company!

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Yes, you can try out all features Skribble offers for free for 30 days. The trial period includes 50 free signatures and starts when you set up Skribble Business. If you decide not to continue with Skribble, you can cancel your Skribble Business at any time during the trial. In this case, you won't be charged anything.

Once you've used up the included signatures, you'll be charged for every signature made. The price per signature depends on the e-signature standard used: SES: EUR 1.10; AES: EUR 1.60; QES: EUR 2.40. 

Yes, the following packages are available:

  • 1,500 signatures per year for EUR 2,370
  • 3,000 signatures per year for EUR 4,700
  • 6,000 signatures per year for EUR 9,100
  • 12,000 signatures per year for EUR 17,800

Please contact us if you're interested in one of the larger packages.

No. You can have as many members as you wish at no extra charge. 

Skribble offers all three e-signature standards defined by EU/ Swiss law out-of-the-box: you don’t have to worry about anything as we took care of contracting third parties such as identity and trust service providers. Only if you purchase additional services apart from signing, such as in the area of identification, additional contracts and costs may incur. 

Yes. Skribble is based on the e-signature standards defined by EU/ Swiss law and is legally valid – in the case of the qualified electronic signature even for contracts where the law requires the written form.

Yes. Skribble meets the highest data protection requirements and complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the EU and the Swiss Federal Act on Data Protection (FADP). Moreover, Skribble offers bank-level hosting in Switzerland (certified according to ISO 27001). No data is processed in the United States (US), and no data access by US authorities can take place.

Skribble Business is ideal for small businesses and teams and is geared towards self-service. Skribble Enterprise is aimed at large companies with the highest demands in terms of service and flexibility.

Additional services for Enterprise customers include:

  • high guaranteed service levels and extended scalability of the platform
  • additional security services such as setting a document deletion period for all employees
  • guidance by e-signing experts
  • extensive branding and personalisation options
  • customised billing (e.g. payment method, currency and billing period)
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Sign legally valid with
a few clicks

Worldwide usage, hosted in Switzerland.

Test for free

You can test Skribble for free.
Available in English, German and French.
Italian available for those who sign without an account.