Maximise the legal weight
of your electronic signature

Enable the highest e-signing standard (QES) by having your identity verified online via video (for signing according to EU law) or face-to-face (for signing according to Swiss law).

EU: Video or bank


The identification is offered in
cooperation with our partners
Swisscom Trust Services,
IdentityTM and Klarna.

A man is sitting in front of a laptop, above him is a software window, where a woman stands out with a big magnifying glass and checks an identity card.

Switzerland: Face-to-face

Stop by at one of the available locations.
We will identify you free of charge within a few minutes.

A magnifying glass magnifies the image of a man in a passport

Step 1
Find a location nearby to get identified

An electronic identity on a mobile phone

Step 2
Bring your passport or ID and your mobile phone

A man who has been successfully identified electronically

Step 3
Get your identitiy verified and the data stored securely

A person holds a legal document in their hands. The Swisscom logo is in the background

Step 4
The QES will be enabled for you on Skribble.

Walk in and
get identified
for free

Together with our partner Swisscom
Trust Services, we offer a growing
number of identification sites all over

A man with a big mouth examines the identity of two people.


At Skribble you sign with the qualified electronic signature (QES). This is the highest e-signature standard. For the QES, the law requires a face-to-face identity verification.

No. Identity verification is performed once and is valid for 5 years or until the identity document used for the identification expires.

A valid passport or an identity card. Documents such as residence permit or driving licence are not accepted.

The data collected are stored on Swisscom’s high-security servers
in Switzerland (Tier IV certification).

Personal identification is only required for signing with the highest e-signature standard (QES). If you have not been identified in personal contact, you sign either with a simple (SES) or an advanced electronic signature (AES).

Sign legally valid with
a few clicks

Worldwide usage, hosted in Switzerland.

You can test Skribble for free.
No credit card needed.
Available in English, German and French.