Add value through e-signing

Whether you want to integrate e-signing in your product, or promote it to your network, a partnership with Skribble is a great way to:

  • widen you offering
  • attract new customer segments
  • boost revenue

Sparked your interest?

Add value to your own business by adding e-signing to your offering (Source: Skribble)

Our partner models

Resell Partner

Expand your services and attract new business by offering Skribble E-Signature solutions to your customers. You own and manage the account on the client’s behalf – and set your own prices. 

Become an independent software vendor (ISV) for Skribble (Source: Skribble)

Referral partner

Promote Skribble to your network and earn commission for each successful lead – we’ll take care of the rest. Your contacts profit from our E-Signature expertise, savvy sales team and customer support.

Become an affiliate partner for Skribble (Source: Skribble)

Integration partner

Help your SaaS customers integrate e-signing into your existing systems. You decide on how to integrate with our API, how much to charge and what level of service to offer – based on your own business strategy.

Become an system integrator for Skribble (Source: Skribble)

Sign legally valid with
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Worldwide usage, hosted in Switzerland.

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No credit card needed.
Available in English, German and French.