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Legally binding electronic signatures with Skribble

Easily handle digital signature processes – legally binding
in accordance with Swiss & EU law.

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Based on the qualified electronic signature QES by Swisscom

Upload documents as PDFs

Upload the signed PDF document directly via browser or use Skribble via API from your business software.

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Invite people to sign

Define the order in which people should sign and invite them by e-mail.

Legally binding signatures

You sign legally binding at the push of a button, regardless of time and place, with a qualified electronic signature in accordance with Swiss and EU law (ZertES and eIDAS).

Three people legally sign a document online

Skribble complies with legal requirements

With Skribble you can create digital and legally binding (QES) signatures.
Skribble complies with the following requirements:

A signature with Skribble is equal to the handwritten signature according to Swiss (OR Art. 14 Para. 2 bis) and EU law (eIDAS No. 910/2014 Art. 25 Para. 2).

Skribble obtains QES certificates from Swisscom, a provider of TRUSTED certificates recognised by ZertES and eIDAS.

Skribble and its partners (Swisscom) manage your data in accordance with the DSG and DSGVO.

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Skribble works with government-approved technology from Swisscom

An important component of qualified electronic signatures (QES) are digital certificates. Skribble obtains these from Swisscom, a government approved certification authority. This means that signatures created by Skribble are equivalent to hand-written signatures according to Swiss and EU law.

Skribble verifies your identity so that you can be sure your electronic signature is legally binding

Qualified electronic signatures (QES) require the signatory to verify their identity. People who already have a verified E-ID can start signing straight away. For everyone else Skribble offers a means of identification suitable for every business context.

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Signatures can be purchased individually or at a flat rate

Skribbles’ pricing adapts to your needs and can be flexibly configured.

Pay per signature

Suitable for single or occasional signing with QES

Flat rate
Pay per user

Suitable for regular signing with QES

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Sign now, legally valid electronically!

No credit card, entrance fee or commitment required.

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