Legally binding electronic signatures with Skribble

With Skribble you can easily handle signature processes digitally - valid according to Swiss and EU law.

How does it work?

Digital signing in 3 steps

  • Upload

    Upload your PDF document to the Skribble platform.

  • Invite

    Invite all signing parties to Skribble.

  • Sign

    The invited parties validly sign the document with one click.

  • The qualified electronic signature (QES) is the only electronic signature that is legally binding, just like the handwritten signature. With Skribble, using a QES becomes easy, intuitive, and efficient.

Why Skribble?

  • Valid according to Swiss and EU law

    The Skribble signature has equal legal status as the handwritten signature.

  • Integrated into existing solutions

    The signing parties sign individually online – no coordination needed. You pay per singature.

  • Efficient and cost-effective processing

    All signing parties can be invited to sign with a mouse click - payment is made per signature.

  • Register with an existing e-ID

    Sign with your existing e-ID or let Skribble create one for you.

Strengthening trust in a digital world.