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Legally binding electronic signatures with Skribble

Easily handle digital signature processes –
legally binding in accordance with Swiss & EU law.

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Based on signature certificates issued by Swisscom
Trusted by:
Helvetia Versicherung
Kellerhals Carrard

Sign legally in three steps

Upload documents as PDFs

Upload the PDF document directly via browser or use Skribble via API from your business software.

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Invite people to sign

Define the order in which people should sign and invite them by e-mail.

Sign at the push of a button, independent of time and place, legally valid according to Swiss and EU law.

Three people legally sign a document online

If you sign with Skribble
you save time at work

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"Thanks to Skribble, we can digitize administrative processes from A to Z. This makes everyday life easier for us and our customers."
Stéphane Schwab, Head of E-Government, State of Fribourg

With Skribble you sign legally and securely according
to the following requirements:

Skribble works with legally defined e-signature standards: The qualified electronic signature (QES), the advanced electronic signature (AES) and the simple electronic signature (SES).

The qualified electronic signature (QES) available on Skribble is legally equivalent to a handwritten signature in Switzerland and the EU (eg. OR in Switzerland or BGB in Germany).

Skribble and its signing partner Swisscom commit to manage data in accordance with the Federal Act on Data Protection (FADP) and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Moreover, all data is hosted in Switzerland according to banking standards.

Always sign with the optimal standard

The law distinguishes between three signature standards.
They vary in terms of area of application and legal weight.
Skribble is your one-stop-shop for all standards.

Simple electronic signature
Advanced electronic signature
Qualified electronic signature
Equal to a handwritten signature according to Swiss and EU law

that are informal or internal and have a low liability risk.

without legal form requirement and with calculable liability risk.

with legal form requirements or high liability risk.

On Skribble you can choose between the signature standards QES, AES and SES.

"At Helvetia, we require 'wet' signatures in many areas; in life insurance, for example, but also in internal processes. With Skribble, we are able to completely digitalise these processes."
Martin Tschopp, Chief Customer Officer of Helvetia Schweiz

More legal weight
with just a few clicks

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Online identification
Enable the qualified electronic signature (QES) from home by getting yourself identified via video-call.

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Organisation-wide implementation
Enable the advanced electronic signature (AES) for your entire staff within just a few days.

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"In the fast moving HR environment, it is important to be as efficient as possible. Constantly on the move between various locations, working with people who do not always work normal office hours, Skribble has helped a lot."
Sarah Jackson, Country HR & Administration Manager easyJet
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