Business features

Skribble Business customers sign organised as a group - with
centralised member administration and joint billing.

Skribble Business-Account - benutzeroberfläche
  • Joint billing

    The entire organisation is invoiced at the end of the month by invoice.

  • Centralised member administration

    Add new members, adjust their pricing model and assign administration rights.

  • Member auto registration

    Anyone who registers with Skribble using an e-mail address from your company automatically becomes a member of your business account (Domain Whitelisting).

  • Activity overview

    Keep track of what's happening in your business account, filtered by date, activity and more.

  • Invoice history

    View the current and all past invoices at any time.

"Thanks to Skribble, we can digitize administrative processes from A to Z. This makes everyday life easier for us and our customers."
Stéphane Schwab, Head of E-Government, State of Fribourg

Skribble Business embeds itself into your existing infrastructure

The onboarding of new signers is intuitive and fast.

  • API integration

    Connect Skribble to your existing software and sign directly from your usual tools.

  • Generate your own API keys

    Create and manage your API keys for testing or production purposes.

  • Direct sign

    External people do not need to have a Skribble account to sign your documents.

Organisation-wide implementation is simple and fast

Enable new and existing employees to sign electronically
in the shortest possible time. Choose the onboarding process that fits your requirements for legal weight or the desired signature standard.

Onboarding for Advanced electronic signature (AES)

Organisation-wide implementation with a few clicks.
Suitable for contracts without formal requirements.

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A large contract (FES) in front of a house
A large contract (QES) with a court

On-Boarding for the qualified electronic signature (QES)

Identification services for highest demands on the legal weight of the signature. Suitable for contracts with formal requirements.

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Ideal cost-benefit ratio

Choose the right pricing model for your organization.

Eine Frau mit roten Haaren vergliecht verschiedene Preismodelle.

A man stands next to an electronic document with a giant fountain pen

Sign now, legally and electronically!

No credit card, entrance fee or commitment required.

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