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With Skribble you sign legally and easily
in a digital way.

Frequently used for:

  • Employment contracts
  • Certificates
  • Hourly wage contracts

Trusted by 3,000+ companies with the highest requirements for data protection and security:

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Finish the pile with only one signature

New employment contracts for everyone: the authorised signatory no longer signs hundreds of contracts by hand, but signs them all at once with Skribble’s batch signature.

  • Batch signature for any number of employment contracts
  • Automatically invite employees to sign employment contracts by e-mail
  • Overview of all completed and outstanding signatures

Candidates sign digitally without delay

Efficient onboarding: you have a better chance of being chosen as an employer and HR administration becomes easier, faster and cheaper.

  • Legally valid for any type of employment contract
  • No loss of time due to postal mailing
  • Get notified automatically when the employment contract has been signed
"I don’t know when I last held a ballpoint pen in my hand in the office. From employment contracts to work certificates – we only sign things digitally now. I can’t imagine a day in HR without e-signatures any more."
Daniel Joost, Head HR Consulting & Recruiting, Wincasa

Empower employees to work more efficiently

Digitalisation enabler: HR enables the workforce to sign electronically and can manage their everyday work with less bureaucracy.

  • Digital processing of work reports, lay-offs, applications, etc.
  • Get signatures from authorised signatories via e-mail
  • Download contracts ready for archiving in recognized PDF X/A format

No new software required

Stay with familiar tools: sign directly via your browser or from your existing software.

  • Sign directly via your browser
  • Integrate Skribble as a plug-in into industry software solutions
  • Seamless integration via modern APIs
"Skribble enables us to sign employment contracts and NDAs in a breeze – paper-free and regardless of time and place."
Simon Wehrli, CTO, Twint

You sign with legal effect and securely in accordance
with the following requirements:

Skribble works with legally defined e-signature standards: The qualified electronic signature (QES), the advanced electronic signature (AES) and the simple electronic signature (SES).

The qualified electronic signature (QES) available on Skribble is legally equivalent to a handwritten signature in the EU and Switzerland (eg. BGB in Germany or OR in Switzerland).

Skribble and its signing partner Swisscom commit to manage data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Federal Act on Data Protection (FADP). Moreover, all data is hosted in Switzerland according to banking standards.

Our customers have a good time

How we at Skribble make everyday life easier for our customers.

"In the fast moving HR environment, it is important to be as efficient as possible. Constantly on the move between various locations, working with people who do not always work normal office hours, Skribble has helped a lot."
Sarah Jackson, Country HR & Administration Manager easyJet

Download the easyJet use case:

With Skribble, you can legally sign any document electronically

Different documents, different legal requirements –
at Skribble, you get access to all available e-signature standards from a single source, and you are prepared for every situation.

Simple electronic signature
Advanced electronic signature
Qualified electronic signature
Equal to a handwritten signature according to EU and Swiss law

Documents without legal form requirement and with low liability risk

Documents without legal form requirement and with calculable liability risk

Documents with legal form requirements or high liability risk

At Skribble you have the choice
between the signature standards SES, AES and QES.


Skribble’ s data centre is located in Switzerland and is ISO 27001 certified (according to banking standards).

Personal identification is only required for signing with the highest e-signature standard (QES). If you have not yet been identified in personal contact, you sign either with a simple (SES) or an advanced electronic signature (AES).

Not exclusively. Thanks to the visual signature, it can be seen on the printed contract that it has been digitally signed. However, since the digital certificates are lost when printed out, the traceability of the signature and thus the corresponding conclusiveness is not given. A contract signed with an electronic signature must therefore always be stored in electronic form.

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