Identification for electronic signing

Have your identity checked to get started with e-signing. 
Easy, secure and done in a few minutes.

Depending on the e-signature via:

  • E-mail address
  • Mobile number
  • Online identification
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Check your identity in a few minutes

Depending on the e-signature standard (simple, advanced, qualified), you can check your identity via e-mail address (simple), mobile number (advanced), or online, for example, via video call (qualified).

  • E-mail address

    Confirm your e-mail address and you can sign with the SES right away.

  • Mobile number

    All you need to unlock the AES is your mobile number.

  • Online identification

    Check your identity online to sign with QES. With live video call for example you can do so wherever you are.

All identifications at a glance

Prepared for any situation

  • Legally valid in any case

    No matter which e-signature standard you need to sign with, you can check your identity in no time.

  • One supplier that has it all

    We put together all the components for you to sign electronically. No need for contracts with third-party providers.

  • Flexible – wherever you are

    Need to sign at short notice while abroad? No problem! Choose live video call or mobile app to check your identity – as flexible as you want.

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"Thanks to Skribble’s intuitive QES solution and the methods of identification they provide, insurances can now easily switch to e-signatures."
Sven Siegin, Head of Risk Management and Compliance, Korean Reinsurance Switzerland AG
Sven Siegin, Head of Risk Management and Compliance bei Korean Re Switzerland, war bei der Einführung der E-Signatur federführend (Quelle: Korean Reinsurance Switzerland AG)
"We have been longing for a solution as simple and legally compliant as Skribble. The use of Skribble brings us a huge step closer to the complete digitalisation of processes."
Roland Köchli, Partner Altenburger Legal + Tax


The eIDAS Regulation (EU) and the ZertES (Switzerland) apply as the legal basis for electronic signing. These distinguish between 3 types of electronic signature, the so-called e-signature standards: the simple electronic signature (SES), advanced electronic signature (AES) and qualified electronic signature (QES).

The higher the legal weight, the higher the identification requirements. With QES (maximum legal weight), the identity of the person signing is verified once in advance by means of an official document. The verification takes place in person on site or online.

Identity verification is usually valid 5 years. But you'll need to do it again if:

  • your ID document is no longer valid
  • you've changed your signature password
  • you've changed your mobile number and/or mobile phone

Skribble is working with different partners: Swisscom Trust Services, IdentityTM, Intrum and Klarna. This depends on the legislation you want to sign with and the identification method you chose.

The data collected are stored on Swisscom’s high-security servers
in Switzerland (Tier IV certification).

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