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With Skribble Business, you can enable your entire company to sign electronically in a few days.


  • Centralised member administration
  • Easy integration with existing system
  • Sign with internal and external parties alike
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A woman signs a contract electronically on her notebook from her office.

Trusted by more than 250 companies with the highest requirements for data protection and security:

Helvetia Versicherung
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Your benefits
with Skribble Business

A woman administers Skribble on her notebook.

Centralised administration

Create a company account and keep track of how signatures are being used.

  • Add employees automatically (managed domains)
  • Grant and remove administrator rights
  • Activity overview (available for download in a CSV file)

Any type of contract covered

Different legal requirements may apply when it comes to signing contracts electronically. At Skribble, you get access to all e-signature standards from a single source that are legally valid around the world.

  • Qualified electronic signature (QES), fulfils the written form requirement according to the BGB (German Civil Code)/ CO (Swiss Code of Obligations)
  • Advanced electronic signature (AES)
  • Simple electronic signature (SES)
A woman's hands on a keyboard sign with Skribble.
A man goes through the API documentation on his mobile phone and sign electronically with external partners.

Ready for immediate use with internal and external parties alike

You can use Skribble directly from your browser, or you can integrate the platform into your existing systems via API. No additional programs or hardware needed.

  • Modern JSON REST API (incl. testing and demo accounts)
  • Plug-in for signing directly from Microsoft OneDrive and SharePoint, and Google Drive
  • Integration with industry solutions such as Canon Therefore or Consor Universal
  • External parties can sign without having a Skribble account
"Skribble enables us to sign employment contracts and NDAs in a breeze – paper-free and regardless of time and place."
Simon Wehrli, CTO, Twint

Here’s what we do
for your security

We’re aware that an e-signing solution must meet the highest security standards for your company to be able to benefit from it. That’s why Skribble combines ultimate security with simplicity.

A man with a lock and a secure certificate.
  • Maximum data protection

    Your data is secured according to the highest security standards in Switzerland. The data centre is certified according to ISO 27001.

  • Legally valid and binding

    Skribble only works with e-signature standards that are regulated by law and valid for any type of contract.

  • Cryptography-based data security

    We encrypt all documents with AES-256 directly after upload. Nobody can read along, not even Skribble.

"At Helvetia, we require 'wet' signatures in many areas; in life insurance, for example, but also in internal processes. With Skribble, we are able to completely digitalise these processes."
Martin Tschopp, Chief Customer Officer, Helvetia Schweiz
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More than 250 companies want both: Simplicity and security

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