Skribble Features

With Skribble, you not only sign legally but also with ease.

Skribble plattform - user interface
  • Upload via drag & drop

    Upload the ready to sign PDF document via browser or use Skribble via API from your enterprise software.

  • Invite to sign

    Invite the signatories by e-mail and select the e-signature standard to be used for signing.

  • Confirm with mobile phone

    Confirm the signature via Mobile ID or one-time password (OTP) – no additional hardware required.

  • Batch signature

    Select multiple documents and sign them all with a single signature process.

  • Decline document

    Reject the signature invitation with one click if you do not agree with the content.

  • Visual signature

    Customise your personal visual signature and upload your personal handwritten signature as a PNG, JPG or GIF.

  • Extend signature request

    Allow the signers to invite additional people to sign.

  • Assign signatures

    Pass on a received signature invitation to the required people.

  • Search documents

    Find the document you are looking for immediately by searching your documents by name.

"Thanks to Skribble, we can digitize administrative processes from A to Z. This makes everyday life easier for us and our customers."
Stéphane Schwab, Head of E-Government, Canton of Fribourg

Coming soon

Our vision is great. We develop Skribble day by day.

  • Signing with SwissID/ eID+

    If you have a verified e-ID, you can sign in a qualified manner without additional identity verification.

  • Stay with your familiar tools

    Sign from your existing systems, e.g. Google Drive, One Drive, Drop Box or Secure Safe.

  • Automatic reminders

    Don't chase after outstanding signatures - send automated reminder e-mails instead.

"Skribble provides us with the organisation certificate and the QES, which are the decisive technical components for the end-to-end digitalisation of our citizen services."
Titus Fleck, IT Manager, Canton of Schaffhausen
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