Skribble Features

With Skribble, you not only sign legally but also with ease.

Skribble plattform - user interface
  • Upload via drag & drop

    Upload the ready to sign PDF document via browser or use Skribble via API from your enterprise software.

  • Invite to sign

    Invite the signatories by e-mail and select the e-signature standard to be used for signing.

  • Confirm with mobile phone

    Confirm the signature via Mobile ID or one-time password (OTP) – no additional hardware required.

  • Batch signature

    Select multiple documents and sign them all with a single signature process.

  • Decline document

    Reject the signature invitation with one click if you do not agree with the content.

  • Visual signature

    Customise your personal visual signature and upload your personal handwritten signature as a PNG, JPG or GIF.

  • Extend signature request

    Allow the signers to invite additional people to sign.

  • Assign signatures

    Pass on a received signature invitation to the required people.

  • Search documents

    Find the document you are looking for immediately by searching your documents by name.

Feature overview

On our pricing page, you can get an overview of all features.

"Thanks to Skribble, we can digitize administrative processes from A to Z. This makes everyday life easier for us and our customers."
Stéphane Schwab, Head of E-Government, Canton of Fribourg
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