Electronic signature for real estate

Enable property managers and agents to rent properties faster and put your customer experience first. 

Frequently used for:

  • Rental agreements
  • Deposits
  • Terminations
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Trusted by more than 1'000 companies with the highest requirements for data protection and security:

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Reduce vacancy rate and cancellations

Speed up the rental process: instead of posting rental agreements back and forth, everyone involved can sign electronically in just a few seconds.

  • Invite to sign by e-mail
  • Potential tenants can sign without having a Skribble account
  • Add a personal message to a signature invitation or when assigning or declining signatures

Increase efficiency while cutting costs

Eliminate manual, repetitive processes and enable property managers and agents to coordinate all parties involved more effectively.

  • Decline signatures or assign them to someone else
  • Keep track of completed and pending signatures
  • Sign multiple documents at once with batch signature
"What used to take days can now be done in minutes – even if three, four or more parties have to sign."
Martin Frei, Chief Digital Officer, VERIT

Put your customer experience front and centre

Empower your employees and tenants alike with seamless digital processes that save time rather than generate extra work.

  • Sign from anywhere using your smartphone, tablet or computer – from home, on the go, or in the office
  • Familiar look and feel thanks to customisable visual signature and company branding
  • Tenants can use their mobile phone number or e-mail address to get identified
Ein Kreis zeigt, wie ich von meiner Cloud heraus aus unterschreiben kann.

Keep your existing tools and workflows

Integrate Skribble with your property management software, or sign directly from your browser. Tenants can sign using the invitation link in any operating system.

  • Seamless integration via modern API
  • Effortless and fast onboarding of employees
  • Various plug-ins and integration with your existing property management software and ERPs
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"The e-signature was the missing piece of the puzzle to fulfil our goal – a seamless digital process, from putting the property for rent to signing the rental agreement".
Silvan Spross, Co-Founder, Flatfox

Prevent fraud and rental scams

Skribble not only has the same legal weight as a handwritten signature; the integrated identity verification also reduces the risk of fraud.

  • Legally valid for contracts with and without written form requirement
  • Worldwide usage with both internal and external parties
  • Highest security and data protection standards hosted in Switzerland

Flatfox and VERIT accelerate renting of residential properties

Property managers and tenants can now sign rental agreements completely digitally – with Skribble. 

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"For us, only a solution was considered which is legally valid, meets the highest data protection standards and is absolutely user-friendly at the same time".
Silvan Spross, Co-Founder, Flatfox

How Flatfox and VERIT digitalised rental agreement with Skribble (in German)

Skribble complies with
the legal requirements
in real estate

With Skribble you sign legally and securely according to the following requirements:

All available e-signature standards from a single source

The law distinguishes between three e-signature standards.
They vary in terms of area of application and legal weight.

Simple electronic signature
Advanced electronic signature
Qualified electronic signature
Equal to a handwritten signature according to EU and Swiss law

without legal form requirement and with low liability risk.

without legal form requirement and with calculable liability risk.

with legal form requirements or high liability risk.

At Skribble you have the choice
between the e-signature standards EES, AES and QES.


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Sign legally valid with
a few clicks

Worldwide usage, hosted in Switzerland.

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