Maximise the legal weight of your electronic signature

Enable the highest e-signing standard (QES) by getting yourself identified
by personal contact with the Swisscom ID app.

A magnifying glass magnifies the image of a man in a passport

Step 1
Schedule an identification date and come by personally.

An electronic identity on a mobile phone

Step 2
We scan and check your ID or passport using Swisscom’s ID app.

A man who has been successfully identified electronically

Step 3
Swisscom verifies the data and stores them securely.

A person holds a legal document in their hands. The Swisscom logo is in the background

Step 4
The legal weight of your signature is raised to 100% (QES level)

Identification sites

Come by and get identified for free. Bring a valid passport
or your identity card as well as your mobile phone.

Circle with info sign.

Due to the coronavirus situation, appointements for a face to face identification can no longer be made.
Please contact our support if you have further questions.


Swisscom Shop
Route de Matran
9 CH-1754 Avry

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Mo - Fr: 08.30 - 19.00
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Natel Profi
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Natel Spycher
Belpstrasse 45
CH-3007 Bern


Swisscom Shop
Route de Riaz 18
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Swisscom Shop
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Crativ GmbH
Voa Crapera 1
CH-7078 Lenzerheide

Opening hours:
Mo - Fr: 09.00 - 17.30


Avv. Jonathan Moor
Via Luigi Lavizzari 2A (PT)
CH-6900 Lugano


Dynamicstudio GmbH
Via da Mezz 42A
CH-7742 Poschiavo


Skribble AG
Fraumünsterstrasse 16
CH-8001 Zurich

Swisscom Shop
Flughafen Zürich

Airport Shopping Center
Check-in 3
Flughafenstrasse 3
CH-8302 Kloten

Opening hours:
Mo - Su: 08.00 - 21.00

All clear?

At Skribble you sign with the qualified electronic signature (QES). This is the highest e-signature standard. For this, the law requires an identity verification through personal contact. Exceptions are financial intermediaries who may carry out identity verification using video identification.

No. Your e-ID is valid for 5 years or until the expiry of the document of identification you presented during identification.

A valid passport or identity card. All other forms of identification
such as a residence permit or driving licence are not sufficient.

The data collected are stored on Swisscom’s high-security servers
in Switzerland (Tier IV certification).

No. But a Mobile ID makes signing faster and easier, which is why we recommend it. On you can check whether your smartphone already has a Mobile ID and whether the function is activated.
If this is not the case, a new SIM card with Mobile ID can be ordered
free of charge from most providers.

Personal identification is only required for signing with the highest e-signature standard (QES). If you have not yet been identified in personal contact, you sign with the second highest standard (AES).

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Sign now, legally and electronically!

No credit card, entrance fee or commitment required.

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