Increase the legal weight
of your e-signature

Enable an e-signature standard with higher legal weight. The procedure
differs depending on the standard. The more uniquely your e-signature
can be attributed to you as a person, the higher its legal weight.

Simple electronic signature
Advanced electronic signature
Qualified electronic signature
Equal to a handwritten signature according to Swiss and EU law
A hand with a fountain pen signs a green contract.

Which document do I sign with which standard?

High legal weight

Advanced electronic signature (AES)

Enable the AES by connecting your Skribble account with
a Swiss mobile phone number. You can do this in your Skribble profile.
As a Skribble Business customer you can enable the activation
of the AES via company e-mail address (AES for Business).

A mobile phone protrudes from the houses.
A house as an organization and an arrow.

AES for Business
Organisation-wide implementation in just a few days

Maximum legal weight

Qualified electronic signature (QES)

Enable the QES by getting yourself identified online via video-call or
by personal contact with the ID app by Swisscom.

A man is sitting in front of a laptop, above him is a software window, where a woman stands out with a big magnifying glass and checks an identity card.
A house as an organization and an arrow.

Get identified
This is how you unlock QES on Skribble

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Sign now, legally and electronically!

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