Skribble Integration

With Skribble, you choose a cloud platform that combines
technological security with simplicity.

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Use Skribble via your browser or integrate the platform
into your existing software environment via API

  • Modern interface with detailed documentation

    The modern JSON REST API is easy and quick to integrate. Our API documentation gives you all the details you need.

  • API testing with demo account

    With our demo account you can test our API without obligation and free of charge.

  • Plug-in for DMS and industry solutions

    Integrate Skribble as a plug-in into document management systems such as OneDrive and SharePoint, or into industry solutions such as Abacus and SAP.

  • Optimised web interface to be used via browser

    Skribble's optimised user interface gives you an intuitive user experience for all modern browsers and devices.

"Until now, e-signing solutions were either legally binding and not very user-friendly or they were easy-to-use but not legally binding. Skribble combines both advantages for the first time: It is easy to use and legally binding."
Nicole Herzog, Investorin und Member of the Board

With Skribble you benefit from
the highest standards of technology
and security

  • HTTPS web communication

    All web communication at Skribble is protected by HTTPS.

  • AES-256 encryption

    Documents are encrypted with an individual AES-256 key, which is assigned to the user on the basis of asymmetric cryptography.

  • Key management system

    Skribble uses a key management system to manage and securely store all cryptographic keys.

  • OpenID Connect user access

    Login based on OpenID Connect with support of User Storage Federation (AD, LDAP or OAuth 2.0)

  • ISO 27001 hosting in Switzerland

    Skribble data is hosted in Switzerland at Tier IV level. The data center is certified according to ISO 27001 (FINMA compliant).

  • Monitoring and support

    Help base, FAQ, chat bot, live chat, hotline (9.00– 12.00 and 14.00– 17.00). Monitoring and management of the server is guaranteed 24/7.

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