Pay per signature or as a flatrate
and save if you sign more

Skribble’s pricing structure adapts to your needs

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Prepaid Model
Unit price per signature

Suitable for single or occasional signing

Flat rate-Model
Package price per person

Suitable for regular signing

Can be flexibly combined
The two service models can be combined: For example, if Mr. Sample daily signs contracts with various external parties, we recommend the flat rate plan for Mr. Sample and the prepaid plan for the external parties.
More signatures, better value
We have a volume-based pricing model: the more signatures you purchase in a prepaid plan, the lower the unit price. The more people you sign up for the flat rate plan, the lower the monthly flat rate per person.

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No E-ID at hand? Let us verify your identity
or identify your people by yourself.

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Identification Unlimited
You identify the signing party

Suitable if new signees are constantly being added.

Identification Easy
We identify the signing party

Suitable if you use QES in a predefined circle of people.

The identity check is carried out once upon personal contact with the ID app provided by Swisscom.

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No credit card, entrance fee or commitment required.

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