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The people behind Skribble

Philipp Dick
CEO & Co-Founder
Michel Fernandez
CXD & Co-Founder
Roni Oeschger
CTO & Co-Founder
Waldemar Dick
CSO & Co-Founder
David Fürsinger
CXE & Co-Founder
Tim Head
Kira Leuthold
Content & Communications
Simon Moser
Business Development
Till Graf
Growth Hacking
Luc Lippuner
Content & Communications
Patrick Meade
Happiness Manager
Dominik Kumpf
Engineering & Testing
Rainer Görmann
João Bárcia
Chantal Marty
Barbara Stutz
Soraya Kohler
Customer Happiness Manager
Maxim Markert
Chief Growth Officer
Jevgenija Litvina
Content & Communication
Roland Jordan
Customer Growth Manager
Jonathan Geissberger
Graphic- / UX-Designer
Emma Kingué
Customer Hapiness Manager


Karl Kagermeier
Strategic Advisor
Eric Kuenzi
Legal-Strategic Advisor
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