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The people behind Skribble

Philipp Dick
CEO & Co-Founder
Michel Fernandez
CXO & Co-Founder
Roni Oeschger
CTO & Co-Founder
Waldemar Dick
CSO & Co-Founder
David Fürsinger
CXE & Co-Founder
Tim Head
Kira Leuthold
Content & Communications
Simon Moser
Business Development
Till Graf
Growth Hacking
Luc Lippuner
Content & Communications
Patrick Meade
Happiness Manager
Dominik Kumpf
Engineering & Testing
Rainer Görmann
João Bárcia
Chantal Marty
Barbara Stutz
Soraya Kohler
Customer Happiness Manager
Maxim Markert
Chief Growth Officer
Jevgenija Litvina
Content & Communications
Roland Jordan
Customer Growth Manager
Jonathan Geissberger
Graphic- / UX-Designer
Emma Kingué
Customer Hapiness Manager
Stefano Anzolut
Andreas Ellison
Sina Burmeister
Account Executive
Johanna Seeliger
Head of People
Serena Rico
Customer Success Manager
Sara Leidinger
Customer Success Manager
Katina Barbara Strimer
Account Executive
Lucie Benz
Account Executive


Karl Kagermeier
Strategic Advisor
Eric Kuenzi
Legal-Strategic Advisor
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