February 16, 2022

Canveo and Skribble enter into a strategic partnership to digitize B2B contracting

Kira Leuthold
Kira Leuthold

E-signature specialist Skribble and e-contracts platform Canveo are teaming up to provide end-to-end digitization of contracts.

Traditionally, contracts have been dealt with in Microsoft Word documents. Businesses would send back and forth Word documents containing tracked changes, a manual and time-consuming process. Versions would get lost, changes would be overlooked, and most people involved, including the lawyers, would get frustrated.

Once the contract was ready to sign, it would be uploaded to an e-signature provider, so parties could sign remotely. However, this could be fraught with issues - be it that esignature providers like docusign or adobe sign transferred the customers’ data to servers outside of Switzerland, or that their electronic signatures weren’t fully compliant with Swiss or EU law.

End-to-end digital contracting for Swiss and global businesses

These issues are now a thing of the past. Today Canveo and Skribble are announcing a partnership to bring end-to-end digital contracting to Swiss and global businesses. 

Canveo will enable businesses to deal with their contracts in a fast, convenient and user-friendly way, while Skribble's integration will allow them to sign their contracts in compliance with Swiss and EU esignature laws (ZertES and eIDAS) - supporting simple, advanced and qualified electronic signature. This will dramatically reduce the time it takes to close a contract. Both Skribble and Canveo will host their customer data in Switzerland.

Philipp Dick, founder and CEO of Skribble, says: “We are delighted to have found a strong partner in Canveo who is a great addition to Skribble's service. Together we will make the seamless digitization of contract management processes a reality faster. "

David Buser, co-founder and CEO of Canveo, says: “Skribble is an ideal partner for Canveo. It provides fully compliant electronic signatures across Switzerland and the EU. Combined with Canveo's econtracts platform, companies get the perfect, end-to-end contract automation software. They can now draft, negotiate and sign their contracts entirely digitally - in full compliance with esignature laws. This brings us one step closer to a streamlined experience for contracting that we aim to provide to all businesses."

About Skribble AG

The TrustTech company Skribble, founded in March 2018, is the European provider of electronic signatures with Swiss data privacy, headquartered in Switzerland. As a one-stop shop for electronic signing, Skribble supplies the legally appropriate electronic signature for every type of contract. It is based on globally valid, legally regulated standards, including the qualified electronic signature (QES) - the only form of electronic signature that is on a par with a handwritten signature before the law.


About Canveo Ltd.

Canveo is a leader in contract automation software. With data centers located in Switzerland, it helps businesses all over the world digitze and streamline their contracting processes. Through its econtracts, it gives companies an easy way to create, negotiate, esign and manage agreements - dramatically reducing the time it takes to complete an agreement, with a fully digital and collaborative contract management platform. Designed as an intuitive and simple contract management software, it is capable of handling the most complex B2B use cases (including contract negotiation) - the perfect extension to electronic signature. This is CLM software for digital contracts. 


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