October 25, 2021

easyJet Switzerland digitalises time-consuming paper process involving more than 900 employee signatures in just 10 days

Luc Lippuner
easyJet Switzerland set up a digitalized process to collect personalised employee data and signatures in just 10 days (Source: iStockphoto)

Faced with the massive challenge of how to collect signatures from its pilot and cabin crew work force, easyJet Switzerland with the collaboration of dox42 and Skribble implemented a digital solution in just 10 days.

Back to spring 2020, due to Covid 19, whole fleets of aircraft have been grounded for several weeks due to borders closing and sanitary measures restricting travel. In Switzerland we are incredibly fortunate to have the Reduced Working Time Scheme (Kurzarbeit) which provides financial support to companies who see a temporary downturn in their productivity.

During this pandemic, easyJet Switzerland has benefitted from the Reduced Working Time Scheme. Like other companies under the scheme, easyJet Switzerland welcomed the simplified process which was implemented by the Swiss government until July this year.

Irregular working hours of flying staff make manual signing process very painful

The challenge came from July onwards, when the number of companies claiming under the scheme had reduced and the normal process for claiming was reinstated. The normal process includes the requirement for each individual employee to validate their hours before the company can submit a claim.

easyJet’s pilots and cabin crew work irregular hours and finding a simple, efficient and manageable solution which would allow them to validate their hours was critical.                       

A clean digital process was needed – but how to get it up and running in such a short time?

Pilots and cabin crew at easyJet work irregular hours, making it difficult to collect signatures (Source: easyJet)

easyJet HR already familiar with Skribble

easyJet Switzerland was already a user of Skribble's qualified electronic signature (QES) since 2019. This made the airline one of the first major customers, as the existing use case describes. Skribble is used to sign various documents which require a legally binding signature by four of the identified QES users.

So the question was obvious: could Skribble's e-signature also be used by all employees without having to create an extra 900 accounts?


Employees sign without a Skribble account                                              

The simple answer is yes. Skribble offers the possibility for people without a skribble account to sign without any problems with the simple (SES) or advanced electronic signature (AES).

The challenge which easyJet Switzerland encountered was how to upload approximately 900 documents – all of which contained different, individual, personal information-and get them to our employees.

This is where the automation tool dox42 comes into play: the HR department simply feeds employee data such as workload and hours worked into dox42 via an Excel file. The tool generates 900 personalised documents from this data, which are then sent directly to the relevant employees for signing.

Thanks to the automised solution with Skribble and dox24 employees can easily validate and sign their individual form on any device (Source: easyJet)

Integration of Skribble in dox42 enables automated process

By linking dox42 with Skribble's e-signing platform, these individually issued documents can be signed directly using a simple electronic signature (SES) that requires no account creation for the employees.

The employees validate their hours and sign their documents on their smartphone or via browser through the link sent to them by Skribble and the document goes into the company’s Skribble account to be collected at the end of the process.                                       

The entire implementation, from the idea to the creation and dispatch of the 900 personalised documents, took place in just 10 days. The collaboration with skribble and dox42 was fast, forward thinking and provided us with a simple, efficient and effective solution.

Sarah Jackson, Country HR Manager, easyJet Switzerland

About dox42

The software company from Austria generates automated and individualised documents using data fed in from a source such as Excel. For example, standardised contracts or reports can be issued automatically for a large number of people.

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