Independent software vendor (ISV)

Integrate Skribble into your own solution to enhance your product and attract new customers. You can choose between a white-label, co-marketing or hybrid setup.

Become an independent software vendor for Skribble to enhance your product (Source: Skribble)

ISV white-label

Make e-signing a seamless part of your commercial offering. 

Key benefits:

  • Get volume-based discounts on your Skribble plan.
  • Apply your own branding to the entire signing flow, so that customers don’t even notice they are using Skribble. 
  • Be your customers’ expert for everything around e-signing, including first-level customer support

ISV white-label model with Skribble (Source: Skribble)

ISV co-marketing

Leave e-signing with the experts, and benefit from combined marketing forces.

Key benefits:

  • Tap into Skribble's customer base by supporting Skribble plans in your software.
  • Leave your customers to the experts. Be it e-signing advice, tailored pricing, or customer support, we'll take care of it.
  • Allow your customers to personalize their e-signing setup with custom branding and document deletion periods.
ISV co-marketing model with Skribble (Source: Skribble)

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