Electronic signature

for tax advisers

With Skribble, you and your clients can sign faster and more securely.

Frequently used for:

  • Financial statements
  • Tax arrangements
  • Client contracts
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Trusted by more than 1'000 companies with the highest requirements for data protection and security:

Helvetia Versicherung
SEG Automotive

Greater efficiency for tax advisers and their clients

The printer-and-paper way is no longer necessary: instead of posting annual financial statements and balance sheets back and forth, tax advisers and their clients can sign electronically within seconds.

  • Invite to sign by e-mail
  • Clients without Skribble account can use the invitation link to sign
  • Signature confirmation via mobile phone – no USB stick or smart card required
  • Verify in seconds whether the document has been signed correctly

Easier than pen and paper

Signing with Skribble is intuitive and done in seconds. With Skribble, you enable your employees and clients to seamlessly implement digital processes that save time and money.

  • Overview of all received and pending signatures
  • Sign multiple documents at once with batch signature
  • Sign from anywhere using your smartphone or computer – from home, on the go, or in the office

Suitable for any document and client

Different documents, different requirements. With Skribble, you can legally sign any type of document – from financial statements to tax arrangements and declarations of consent.

  • Valid for contracts with and without written form requirement
  • Worldwide usage with both internal and external parties
  • Highest security and data protection standards hosted in Switzerland

Keep your existing tools and workflows

Integrate Skribble into your law firm software, or sign directly from your browser. Clients can sign using the invitation link in any operating system.

  • Seamless integration through modern API
  • Effortless and fast onboarding of employees and clients
  • Keep the look and feel of your handwritten signature thanks to the customisable visual signature

Skribble complies with
the legal requirements
for tax advisers

With Skribble you sign legally and securely according
to the following requirements:

All available e-signature standards from a single source

The law distinguishes between three e-signature standards.
They vary in terms of area of application and legal weight.

Simple electronic signature
Advanced electronic signature
Qualified electronic signature
Equal to a handwritten signature according to EU and Swiss law

without legal form requirement and with low liability risk.

without legal form requirement and with calculable liability risk.

with legal form requirements or high liability risk.

At Skribble you have the choice between
the e-signature standards SES, AES and QES.


A man stands next to an electronic document with a giant fountain pen

Sign legally valid with
a few clicks

Worldwide usage, hosted in Switzerland.

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