Electronic signature for lawyers

With Skribble you sign without USB stick or card reader
with the highest e-signing standard (QES).

man handle different document processes
Man sign a contract with two other people at the same time

All contractual parties sign digitally

Multiple contractual parties: Instead of sending contracts by post from one person to the next, everyone signs online, saving time.

  • Automatically invite people to
    sign by e-mail
  • Overview of all completed and outstanding
  • Get notified automatically when
    the contract is signed

Finish the pile with only one signature

Digital signature folder: Collect your contracts digitally and sign them simultaneously with just a few clicks. Despite the QES standard, you don’t need a USB stick or card reader.

  • Batch signature for any number of contracts
  • Two factor authentication via mobile phone -
    no external hardware required
  • Independent of time and place
A stack of documents is signed with one click
Two people make step-by-step entries to authorities.

Entries with authorities made online

From changes to the commercial register to court submissions: Printing, sending and scanning are no longer necessary.

  • Seamless integration with PrivaSphere
    (coming soon)
  • Recognised for communication between
    law firms and authorities/courts in Switzerland
  • Saves time and money

No new software required

Stay with familiar tools: Sign directly via your browser or from your existing software.

  • Sign directly via your browser
  • Integrate Skribble as a plug-in into
    industry software solutions
  • Seamless integration via modern APIs
Existing systems, e.g. Google Drive, One Drive, Drop Box or Secure Safe

You sign with legal effect and securely in accordance
with the following requirements:

Skribble works with legally defined e-signature standards: The qualified electronic signature (QES), the advanced electronic signature (AES) and the simple electronic signature (SES).

The qualified electronic signature (QES) available on Skribble is legally equivalent to a handwritten signature in Switzerland and the EU (eg. OR in Switzerland or BGB in Germany).

Skribble and its signing partner Swisscom commit to manage data in accordance with the Federal Act on Data Protection (FADP) and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Moreover, all data is hosted in Switzerland according to banking standards.

Our customers have a good time

How we at Skribble make everyday life easier for our customers.

"Constantly printing out documents and running after signatures costs us a lot of time and money. Skribble has the perfect solution that brings us a giant step closer to a complete digitalisation of all processes".
Roland Köchli, Partner Altenburger Legal + Tax

Download the Altenburger use case:

The law distinguishes between qualified e-signatures (QES)
and advanced e-signatures (AES). The two standards vary in terms of area
of application and legal weight.

Simple electronic signature
Advanced electronic signature
Qualified electronic signature
Equal to a handwritten signature according to Swiss and EU law

without legal form requirement and with low liability risk.

without legal form requirement and with calculable liability risk.

with legal form requirements or high liability risk.

At Skribble you have the choice
between the signature standards AES and QES.

Get identified

This will unlock the highest e-signature standard available – QES.
All you need is a valid travel document (ID or passport).

A woman and a man are standing in front of a large software window and the man is holding a big hatch with an identity card inside.
You perform the identifications yourself. Appropriate if new QES signers are constantly being added.  
Contact Skribble
Online via video
A man is sitting in front of a laptop, above him is a sotware window, where a woman stands out with a big magnifying glass and checks an identity card.
Enable the highest e-signature standard QES from home. Suitable for individual signatories.    
Enable QES now
“Our clients can be served faster and our lawyers save time - using technology to enhance efficiency is one of the law firms priorities."
Beat Brechbuehl, Managing Partner Kellerhals Carrhard

All clear?

Skribble’ s data centre is located in Switzerland and is ISO 270001 certified (according to banking standards).

Personal identification is only required for signing with the highest e-signature standard (QES). If you have not yet been identified in personal contact, you sign either with a simple (SES) or an advanced electronic signature (AES).

No. You don’t need a USB stick or a card reader to sign with Skribble. The two-factor authentication takes place with Skribble via mobile phone (Mobile ID or one time password).

Not exclusively. Thanks to the visual signature, it can be seen on the printed contract that it has been digitally signed. However, since the digital certificates are lost when printed out, the traceability of the signature and thus the corresponding conclusiveness is not given. A contract signed with a qualified electronic signature must therefore always be stored in electronic form.

A man stands next to an electronic document with a giant fountain pen

Sign now, legally and electronically!

No credit card, entrance fee or commitment required.

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