Skribble has the same legal certainty
as signing by hand

Signed with Skribble means legally signed according to Swiss and EU law.

A man signs digital documents according to Swiss and European law with a pen

The law allows documents to be signed electronically
For contracts that require the written form and must be signed by hand in the physical world, the law sets a digital standard: The qualified electronic signature QES.

Skribble offers 100% legal
certainty in court

Skribble works with QES. This means that documents signed with Skribble
are legally binding.

A person holds a legal document in his hands. The swisscom logo is in the background
"An authenticated electronic signature combined with an authenticated time stamp within the meaning of the Federal Act of 18 March 20161 on Electronic Signatures is deemed equivalent to a handwritten signature, subject to any statutory or contractual provision to the contrary."
Article 14 paragraph 2bis of the Swiss Code of Obligations (OR)

Check whether your document
has been signed with QES

The Validator service of the Swiss Federal Administration allows you to check whether your document has been signed with a QES according to Swiss law.*

A man loads a document into the validator of the Swiss federal administration

* works for QES according to Swiss law, but not according to EU law (eIDAS).

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Select document type:
    Qualified electronic signature deemed equivalent to handwritten signature
  2. Upload your document
  3. Click on “Check document”
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A service of the Swiss Federal Administration.

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